570 MM (22 1/2 INCH)300 MM (11 3/4 INCH)
370 MM (14 5/8 INCH)470 MM (18 1/2 INCH)
570 MM (22 1/2 INCH)470 MM (18 1/2 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Custom colours available for a minimum order of 12 pieces
  • Tray can be used independently
  • No final cover
  • Delivered as two pieces
  • For better stability, the base for the tray in copper is made from copper-plated steel and the base for the brass tray from brass-plated steel


To maintain polished precious metal surfaces, suitable care products are included in the delivery. No neon red available.

Please note that in the process of powder-coating, the aluminium version of e15 tray HABIBI is being hung. The hole required to attach the hook is being placed as discreetly as possible. However, it cannot be ruled out that a minor dent remains visible on the side of the tray. This does not constitute a defect as it is an inevitable side effect of the production.

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  • Habibi side table - 0018_SF06_KERMAN_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CM05_HABIBI_CT07_DREI_CT08_VIER_CU06_NIMA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 001_CM05_HABIBI_03.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 002_SF03_SHIRAZ_CU06_NIMA_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CM05_HABIBI_CP03_KAVIR_detail.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 004_SF06_KERMAN_CM05_HABIBI_ES08_ENOKI_MIGOTO_CU06_NIMA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 005_CM05_HABIBI_02.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 006_SL02_MO_CM05_HABIBI_CT09_ENOKI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 007_EC01_BYRON_CT09_ENOKI_CM05_HABIBI_SB04_FATIMA_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 008_FK01_THEBAN_CU06_NIMA_CM05_HABIBI_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 009_FK05_CHARLOTTE_FK04_CALVERT_CM05_HABIBI_SF03_SHIRAZ.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 010_SF03_SHIRAZ_CU06_NIMA_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CM05_HABIBI_CP03_KAVIR_RGB.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 011_LT02_SEAM_TWO_SF03_SHIRAZ_FK04_CALVERT_CM05_HABIBI__ST04_BACKENZAHN_AC03_RETE_CU06_NIMA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 012_SF03_SHIRAZ_CT09_ENOKI_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 013_SB08_MAHNAZ_SB10_ARAQ_open_SB11_DARA_SB07_SHAHNAZ_CT08_VIER_CM05_HABIBI_CP02_NEYRIZ_EC01_BYRON.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 014_SH05_ARIE_SF03_SHIRAZ_CM05_HABIBI_PA03_ALEX_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 015_SF06_KERMAN_FK04_CALVERT_CM05_HABIBI_ST04_BACKENZAHN_LT02_SEAM_TWO.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 016_SF06_KERMAN_CM05_HABIBI_PA03_ALEX_CP03_KAVIR_CU06_NIMA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 017_SF06_KERMAN_LT04_COLOUR_FK04_CALVERT_CM05_HABIBI_CU06_NIMA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 019_CT09_ENOKI_CM05_HABIBI_CM06_SF03_SHIRAZ_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 020_CM05_HABIBI_TA19_SLOANE_CH04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 021_SF06_KERMAN_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 022_TA01_PONTE_CH04_HOUDINI_CM05_HABIBI_AC19_SALINA.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 023_SL05_PARDIS_SF03_SHIRAZ_CP02_NEYRIZ.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 024_CM05_HABIBI_SF02_KASHAN_CP01_YAZD.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 024a_Wohnbereich.IMG_3874.JPG
  • Habibi side table - 025_TA14_ANTON_CH04_HOUDINI_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 026_DC08_BASIS_high_ST10_JEAN_AC19_SALINA_CM05_HABIBI_CH04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Habibi side table - 027_LT05_NORTH_PENDANT_white_TA20_HIROKI_FK02_KARNAK_CM05_HABIBI_RGB_NEW.jpg
  • Habibi side table - DSC00131_work.jpg
  • Habibi side table - DSC00179_work.jpg

Habibi side table

Side table
Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2008

Reminiscent of ornately detailed oriental tea services, HABIBI as a tray or side table is a precious piece offering elegant possibilities for combination. The tray HABIBI in combination with the base can be used as an independent side table with generous diameters and optional heights available in polished brass, copper and stainless steel. Each piece is entirely unique, handmade and truly valuable, offering versatile use as the tray can be removed from the base and used as such on its own. Untreated by chemicals, natural oxidation processes create a beautiful patina over time, unless interrupted by applying conventional metal polishes. The surfaces are not lacquered. The endearing tray and side table HABIBI is additionally available in powder-coated aluminium in the colours signal white and jet black. The tray HABIBI is delivered as one piece whereas the side table with the base is delivered in two pieces.

The side table HABIBI is also available at the e15 online shop.

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