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An exhibition showcasing a comprehensive selection from the e15 collection of furniture is presented at the Bocci 79 showroom and archive in Berlin. The Canadian lighting brand’s first satellite headquarters in Europe is located in a historic courthouse, constructed in 1896.

Utilising five rooms of the 2,200 sqm space, e15 classics, such as table BIGFOOTTM, as well as new products are combined with Bocci’s lighting installations to create distinct visual statements. Blending concepts for living, dining and working, the exhibition features a lounge setting focussed around sofa KERMAN by Philipp Mainzer and Farah Ebrahimi, several e15 tables, such as ANTON by Philipp Mainzer, seating by Stefan Diez as well as pieces from the Ferdinand Kramer Collection alongside the well-known lighting series 14, the new 44 Series but also other catalogue products, prototypes and free explorations by Bocci’s creative director Omer Abel.

Brought together by their strong focus on high quality materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods and an open approach to diverse cultures and disciplines, the joined exhibition taking place between 1 September and 7 October 2017 is the first collaboration of e15 and Bocci.

e15 x Bocci
Bocci 79 Showroom + Archive
Kantstraße 79
10627 Berlin

Opening times:
1 September – 7 October 2017
Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00 – 19.00 H