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Care instructions for metals

In keeping with the aesthetic beauty of untreated materials, e15 surfaces in brass, copper, stainless steel as well as zinc-plated steel are
not sealed. Liquids should therefore be wiped off with a dry cloth as soon as possible. Zinc-plated surfaces in particular are sensitive to acids.
If necessary, the raw zinc-plated surface can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or a mild cleaning solution. Stronger cleaning agents such as
glass cleaner, petroleum ether, acetone or acidic liquids attack the surface and should be avoided. Untreated copper and brass parts oxidize over
time and give the product a special patina, unless it is counteracted by a polish. e15 offers a care set for polished metal surfaces with detailed
care instructions. Do not use microfiber cloths for cleaning.

In our e15 online shop, you can buy the maintenance set for metals.