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Care instructions for polished precious metals

The tray HABIBI, its corresponding subframe CM06, tray ITO and the interior of the bar cabinet ARAQ are press formed by hand using traditional machines and are high gloss polished afterwards. The precious metals like brass, copper and stainless steel used by e15 are not sealed. Therefore, liquids should be removed immediately with a dry cloth. Untreated by chemicals, natural oxidation processes create a beautiful patina over time, unless interrupted by applying conventional metal polishes. For cleaning and care, all precious metal products come with a polishing product and a cloth. When polishing the interior of the bar cabinet ARAQ, contact of the polishing paste with the surrounding oak or walnut must be absolutely avoided, as this will lead to a discolouring of the wood.

In our e15 online shop, you can buy the maintenance set for polished precious metals.