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e15 is one of Europe’s premium interior brands renowned for its collection of iconic furniture. Based in Frankfurt, Germany the company stands for consistent, progressive design coupled with high-grade materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods. With a strong foundation in architecture and design, the brand is defined by the unique backgrounds of architect and founder Philipp Mainzer together with designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi.

Since 1995, e15 develops original products with emphasis on essential forms and materials. The company supports artistic statements, which reflect the brand’s philosophy and its open approach to diverse cultures and disciplines. In addition to featuring design classics by protagonists of Modernism, the collection evolves from close cooperation with a coterie of designers, architects and artists.

e15 adheres to the principles of sustainability as well as responsible sourcing for the production of its furniture. The company works with specialised workshops mainly in Germany as well as premium manufacturers across Europe. All e15 products are considered for their relevance and environmental impact, they are crafted from a place of purpose and function. Every object is mindfully produced to last and to become an integral part of the larger collection that complements diverse residential and public environments.

An in-house architectural team enhances e15’s services available to architects and commercial clients, enabling the brand to better cater to a variety of projects with differing complexity.


Named after the postal code of its first workshop in London, e15 was founded in 1995. From the initial set of tables designed in London’s east end, a radical and new simplicity marked the debut of the collection and established an enduring legacy for the brand along with an indelible mark in the history of contemporary furniture design.

With essential forms highlighting natural characteristics visible in design classics such as table BIGFOOT™ (1994) and stool BACKENZAHN™ (1996), e15 has established a leading reputation for the pioneering use of solid wood in its purest form, whilst embodying original design and sustainable production.

Today e15 is recognised for its exceptional collection of works by renowned architects and designers, who share the consistent philosophy and creative viewpoint of e15’s founder Philipp Mainzer and his partner Farah Ebrahimi. In addition to collaborations with David Chipperfield, Stefan Diez, David Thulstrup and others, e15 reissues significant designs by Ferdinand Kramer and Richard Herre, both architects and protagonists of Modernism from the 1920s in Germany. Over the years the company and many of its designers have been recognised with numerous design awards, as well as selected pieces being part of permanent museum collections around the world.

A family-owned company, e15 is now based in Frankfurt with its headquarters conveniently close to the specialised workshops and suppliers in Europe, primarily in Germany. Together with an skilled and dedicated team, e15 produces a premium collection of products and caters to a global home and contract market through a worldwide retailer network with over 600 partners on 5 continents with core markets in Europe, North America and Australia.


Socially conscious corporate management, durable quality and sustainable material sourcing are an integral part of the e15 brand. Since many years the company works with a trusted network of regional craftsmen and suppliers to ensure the consistent high quality of its products. e15 uses certified materials and finishes to protect the environment and the health of the user. Our solid wood originates from sustainable sources primarily from Germany. Regional production reduces the transportation footprint to a minimum.

Mono-materialism supports a circular economy in the ways of making and recycling products. Responsibly sourced materials with singular compositions are not only a sensible way to produce furniture, but also an aesthetic choice for e15. By and large, the most balanced contribution to the environment can be the small-scale production of quality products together with an enduring design philosophy, which can be passed down through generations.


Oak is a fundamental material for e15 and resonates with the spirit of the brand at its core. In addition to a range of premium solid woods crafted in various tones and finishes, the e15 collection extends with a selection of authentic materials such as marble, metal, glass, leather and textiles, all handled with e15’s distinct view on colour and interior compositions. For the label E15 SELECTED, e15 produces limited runs of artisanal pieces that highlight unique materials and refined craftsmanship.

Surface finishes are kept as natural as possible to highlight the inherent beauty and character of each material. Most of e15’s wood finishes are only oiled, this is to preserve the natural character of the product, to protect the environment from additional substances and to support a circular economy.


To verify authenticity beyond the visual quality of material, construction and proportion, all e15 products are labelled or branded with the e15 logo as well as an individual serial number, which can be tracked for proof of origin. A document of authenticity is enclosed with delivered products, certifying the product name and the serial number.

Bespoke Service

e15 offers the possibility to customise products upon request. Responding to specific requirements, many adaptations are possible, for example changes regarding length, width and height of the furniture as well as colour, material and finish.

e15 also offers the service to develop and engineer furniture designed by a client. All bespoke designs are in line with the company’s standards of quality and sustainability whilst complying with the client’s aesthetic preferences.

Contract Service

e15 products are versatile and suitable for residential and contract applications. Through an established network of premium partners in key regions, extensive international projects can be realised promptly. e15 is accustomed to collaborations with local trade partners, architects and developers to execute bespoke projects.

With roots in architecture and design e15 can facilitate diverse types of projects, supporting on multiple levels. Services range from material and colour advice to space planning and holistic interior design services.

To further facilitate the planning and specification, e15 offers 2D and 3D data, comprehensive and detailed product information as well as high-resolution images for all products. Additional information such as tender material can be obtained on request.