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This product is, in addition to the powder-coated steel trays, available with the following marble trays:


This product is available in the following powder-coated colours:


LengthWidth / DepthHeight
400 MM (15 3/4 INCH)400 MM (15 3/4 INCH)400 MM (15 3/4 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Removable trays for top and bottom of the frame in coloured steel or marble
  • Frame and trays are delivered seperately


No neon red available.

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  • Fortyforty side table - FK11_Senckenberg_FK12_Fortyforty_AC03_Rete.jpg
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  • Fortyforty side table - LT02_SEAM_TWO_SL05_PARDIS_FK12_FORTYFORTY.jpg
  • Fortyforty side table - LT03_SEAM_THREE_LT02_SEAM_TWO_FK12_FORTYFORTY.jpg
  • Fortyforty side table - LT06_PALO_SF03_SHIRAZ_FK12_FORTYFORTY_CU06_NIMA_ES05_REVOLTE.jpg
  • Fortyforty side table - LT06_PALO_SL05_PARDIS_FK12_FORTYFORTY.jpg
  • Fortyforty side table - V-8384.jpg
  • Fortyforty side table - VB_Showroom_2018-8788.jpg

Fortyforty side table

Side table
Design: Ferdinand Kramer, 1945

The flexible and stackable side table FORTYFORTY in powder-coated steel is a significant example of Ferdinand Kramer's fascination with variability and adaptability of multi-purpose furniture. Designed in 1945 during his time in America, the playful FORTYFORTY expresses lightness and elegance despite its strict geometrical shape. Removable and invertible trays for top and bottom of the frame in coloured steel or marble offer a multitude of possibilities and set individual accents. Stackable to up to five, the versatile character of the FORTYFORTY side table allows for an application in diverse environments, either as a stand-alone piece or also in combination with other furniture from the e15 collection. Frame and trays are delivered separately.

Custom colours are available for orders of 12 pieces or more.

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