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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
2300 MM (90 1/2 INCH)920 MM (36 1/4 INCH)750 MM (29 1/2 INCH)

Technical Drawings

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  • Bigfoot™ Anniversary Edition - ES06_BIGFOOT_ANNIVERSARY_EDITION_TA04_BIGFOOT_MURKUDIS_01.jpg
  • Bigfoot™ Anniversary Edition - ES06_BIGFOOT_ANNIVERSARY_EDITION_TA04_BIGFOOT_MURKUDIS_04.jpg
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  • Bigfoot™ Anniversary Edition - TA04_BIGFOOT_CH04_HOUDINI_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CM05_HABIBI.jpg

Bigfoot™ Anniversary Edition

Design: Geoff McFetridge, 2014

Artist and illustrator Geoff McFetridge creates a limited edition BIGFOOT™ with laser etched figures covering the underside of the table. The artwork focuses on the table's patron, the creature Bigfoot believed to inhabit forests, mainly in the Northwest region of America. A limited BIGFOOT™ Anniversary Edition of 94 solid European oak tables marking the table's year of design with measurements of 2300 x 920 MM will be produced. The table BIGFOOT™ is a modern design classic and an identifiable icon for e15. Designed in 1994 by e15's founder and architect Philipp Mainzer, a radical new simplicity characterised the design of the table, establishing an indelible mark in the evolution of contemporary furniture design. The table's essential form, its corner detail and exposed legs highlighting the centre of the tree boldly lay bare all natural markings and characteristics, thus establishing a leading reputation for e15 and its pioneering use of solid wood in its purest form.