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Care instructions for solid wood furniture

The beauty of our high quality furniture can be maintained with the right use and care. Please make sure to always use the e15 care products in strict accordance with the e15 care instructions. Otherwise, the surface of your e15 product might incur damages. For any questions, please contact e15.

Information on solid

Solid wood is a natural product, it varies in colour and grain, depending on the location of the original tree. Depending on humidity and temperature measurements of the used wood might slightly adapt as it expands and contracts against its grain. The selection of the timber and construction of e15 furniture takes these facts into account. For this reason, e15 integrates a structural gap in a few models, which allows for expansion or contraction of the solid wood, if the temperature of humidity changes. The optimum room humidity should range between 45 and 65%. For some tables a slight variation in height might occur between the legs and the table top due to seasonal humidity changes. The width of the gap around the legs might vary as well. Please also note that solid wood may be subject to colour change under the influence of some types of artificial light or UV rays such as sunlight. Generally, lighter wood tends to become darker with age whereas darker wood fades. This is a natural process and not a defect of the material.

Everyday care and cleaning

Generally speaking, solid wood furniture is almost indestructible. With proper care, the quality and beauty of the furniture can be easily maintained. The patina, which will develop over time, will add to the natural beauty of the material. Severe dirt and fluids should be removed immediately. Here we recommend the use of paper tissue or a dry cotton cloth. If necessary, a damp cloth can also be used here. How often proper maintenance is required, depends on the use and wear of the product. If the surface feels dry and rough to the touch, oiling of the surface is recommended. With general use of the furniture, this becomes apparent over time. e15 uses only ecological, solvent-free, non-flammable oil. The treatment should be applied with the provided impregnated cloth. The oil needs enough time to soak in (about half a day). Afterwards, the surface needs to be wiped again with the same cloth. It is recommended to always use the same cloth. This will also reduce the usage of oil. A freshly oiled table releases oil, i.e. it will stain paper or fabric placed on top of it. Therefore, it is recommended at the start to protect paper or fabric from direct contact. For heavily used furniture items, as in projects, e15 recommends its special project-oil. This is a linseed oil-based, natural treatment product. For furniture treated with the project-oil, e15 supplies the corresponding care product, the refresher. For use of this product please refer to caution notices.

Treatment of stains

The e15 maintenance kit helps remove stains and conduct minor repairs. For stains, which are not removed with a dry cloth, use a damp cloth by wiping over the effected surface. Every treatment should be in the direction of the wood’s grain. Water marks are best treated with a damp cloth. The same goes for grease stains, first try using a damp cloth, if necessary then wipe with a mild soap sud. For deeper remaining stains, it might be necessary to sand the area (gritty sponge or sandpaper, grain 150), always sanding in the same direction of the wood’s grain. For sanding, the wood needs to be completely dry. Afterwards, use a cloth from the e15 maintenance kit with some oil and apply evenly on the whole surface. Please allow oil to soak in for at least half a day before you wipe off excess oil.

Repair of minor damages

The wood may appear rough and hoarse caused by dampness. To smooth the affected areas, the sandpaper or gritty sponge can be used, always sanding in the direction of the grain. In case of minor dents or scratches you should trickle some water on the damaged area. To keep the affected area damp for longer, we recommend the use of a damp paper tissue. The solid oak will soak the water within a few hours, swell and rise. With greater dents, it might be necessary to repeat the procedure several times. It might be helpful to use heat as an aid by holding an iron over the damp patch (without direct contact with the wood). Once the wood has dried, gently sand the area with sandpaper or the gritty side of the sponge (grain 150) supplied with the e15 maintenance kit. With the maintenance cloth, oil the sanded area evenly, if necessary also the entire table top. Before you wipe off excess oil, give the oil time to soak properly into the wood (about half a day).

In our online shop you can buy the maintenance set for oiled wood surfaces.

Waxed surfaces

For maintenance of waxed and white-pigmented waxed surfaces such as our seating series THEBAN, KARNAK, ASWAN, WESTHAUSEN, WEISSENHOF, SENCKENBERG, shelf ARIE in oak and our tables SLOANE and ASHIDA, e15 recommends the “Refresher”. This care product removes stains and at the same time provides the furniture with a layer of protection. The refresher is part of the e15 maintenance set for waxed surfaces and can also be ordered at the e15 online shop. Detailed instructions for use are supplied with the e15 maintenance kit.