“Quality through Materiality”

Copenhagen-based architect David Thulstrup has designed a new family of side tables for e15: TORE. Crafted from marble and solid wood, the side tables can be arranged into expressive architectural landscapes, highlighting refined geometric shapes in the spirit of Art Deco. On the occasion of TORE being launched, David reflects on his values and his way of working.

East meets West

Each material carries the basis of the past but also the future, brimmed with fresh possibilities and intriguing contrasts to come. Oak is a primary material for e15; we enjoy visualising it through different cultural lenses, which hold personal meaning for us. Oak in…

Navy and Pink

Navy can be at once a conservative and progressive shade, but for what? Furniture? Architecture? Fashion? Context is the key to selecting colour. A whole new vernacular can be created through combining colours. A shade such as neon pink, which…