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“Quality through Materiality”


Copenhagen-based architect David Thulstrup has designed a new family of side tables for e15: TORE. Crafted from marble and solid wood, the side tables can be arranged into expressive architectural landscapes, highlighting refined geometric shapes in the spirit of Art Deco. On the occasion of TORE being launched, David reflects on his values and his way of working.

Favourite part of the design process

My favourite part is the in-between phase that starts right before the actual design process: it is where the foundation of the project is being formulated, and where I envision the potential outcome of a space or furniture piece. Usually, this phase entails intense client contact, which I love! I truly enjoy being in dialogue with people and exchange ideas. If possible, I try not to rush this process to really focus on formulating the essence of a project. We live such hectic lives, and I believe that good concepts need careful consideration and time. Only then I can pass on my vision and communicate how I see the project unfolding to the rest of my team.

Three key values a well-done design should entail

Endurance over time, function, quality through materiality

Thoughts and ideas leading up to TORE

For TORE, I was very inspired by the 1920s, clear shapes and heavy bases. By digging into the era of Art Deco, the fine craftsmanship of this period specifically stood out for me—not only within furniture but also jewellery design. During the early stages of TORE, it was clear that, instead of focusing on one piece only, creating a sculptural landscape of objects that seamlessly melt together felt suitable as my first bigger collection for e15.

Strongest creative influence

I can’t really pinpoint a specific person or influence—I am actually inspired by and interested in a lot of things. I am a very curious person by nature and I enjoy digging into many different topics. Being born and raised in Scandinavia has had an influence on my work, and I have spent a lot of time finding a clear path on how I view architecture. The sum of all things that I have seen and worked on has led me to a very functional, refined, and holistic approach. But that doesn’t mean that I am trying to squeeze my Nordic heritage onto every project. Quite the opposite: I looked at every space from the inside-out and ensure that every detail fits into its local context.

How I choose projects

The way I choose or work with projects has shifted over the years. In the early days of my studio, I used to work with smaller project but I have since then transitioned into larger projects that take between 2-4+ years. I feel very lucky to be in a position where I can be selective, and choose projects based on their potential to succeed when inhabiting my vision. Every project and client I work with is a huge investment in terms of time, research, and energy. It’s really important to me to connect with the people I work with, especially if the project spans over a bigger timeframe.

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