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East meets West

Each material carries the basis of the past but also the future, brimmed with fresh possibilities and intriguing contrasts to come. Oak is a primary material for e15; we enjoy visualising it through different cultural lenses, which hold personal meaning for us. Oak in its purest form, brass, natural leather, coloured glass and simple weaves speckled with bright colours express this sensibility.

Farah Ebrahimi and Philipp Mainzer

Photography: Martin Url

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e15 Moodboard Nr 1 Eiche Oak


Materials in the collage: European oak, oiled; Glass, solid coloured, dark blue; HAUS, polished brass; HAUS, oiled walnut; Fabric Brasilia, Multi; Fabric Coda, Yellow; Natural leather; Antique brass tray, Iran

Photos in the collage: Palevsky House by Craig Ellwood, Palm Springs, United States; Mirror ceiling and interior detail in Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran