This product is available in the following variants:

This product is available with the following fabric or leather covers:

Fabric group A

Customer fabric - provide us with a custom fabric for upholstery.

Field (Fabric group B) - 100% Trevira CS

Brasilia (Fabric group B) - 23% linen, 20% cotton, 20% wool, 19% polyamide, 11% silk, 7% bamboo

Loupo (Fabric group B) - 36% wool, 34% cotton, 22% viscose, 8% polyester

Paris Texas (Fabric group B) - 63% cotton, 37% linen

Antwerp (Fabric group B) - 100% linen

Sierra (Fabric group B) - 100% linen

Lama - 65% wool, 20% nylon, 15% alpaca

Intreccio (Fabric group D) - 77% new wool, 23% cotton

Remix (Fabric group C) - 90% new wool, 10% nylon

Atom (Fabric group D) - 90% new wool, worsted yarn, 8% nylon, 2% polyester

Zanzibar (Fabric group D) - 100% Mohair, Byram (Fabric group D) - 100% Kid Mohair

Masai (Fabric group D) - 90% new wool, 10% nylon

Tartan (Fabric group D) - 100% wool

Vidar (Fabric group D) - 94% new wool, 6% polyamide

Balboa (Fabric group D) - 100% polyester FR (velvet)

Sunnive (Fabric group D) - 58% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% nylon, 4% polyester


Leather Select (Fabric group E)
cow hide, semi aniline, pigmented, embossed, 1.2-1.4mm

Leather Ranchero (Fabric group F)
cow hide, pure aniline, aniline dyed, 0.9-1.4mm

Suede (Fabric group E)
Suede leather, aniline dyed, brushed, 1.6-1.8mm


LengthWidth / DepthHeight
680 MM (26 3/4 INCH)840 MM (33 1/8 INCH)620 MM (24 3/8 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Suitable for private and public use as versatile and unique item
  • Classic wooden construction with a solid wood material thickness of 40 MM (1 5/8 INCH)
  • Comfortable seating is ensured with upholstery belts and high quality foam
  • Ideally complemented by the cushion NIMA
  • No fixed upholstered elements, cushions removable and easy to clean


Surcharge USA and UK due to special fire-resistant upholstery, foams and fillings.

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  • Byron - SF06_KERMAN_ZanzibarCaramel_VidarBlack_EC01_BYRON_BrasiliaMulti_CT09_ENOKI_NeroMarquina_Jetblack.jpg


Lounge chair
Design: Florian Asche + Philipp Mainzer, 1999

The armchair BYRON with its clear lines and distinctive armrests resembles a modern take on a classic smoking chair. BYRON has a classic wooden construction with a solid wood material thickness of 40 MM (1 5/8 INCH). Comfortable seating is ensured with upholstery belts and high quality foam. The armchair BYRON is made from oiled European oak or European walnut. For greater style and comfort, the armchair can be complemented with the cushion NIMA. A versatile and unique item for private and public use, BYRON complements amongst other items, the sofa SHIRAZ. Its seat height is 400 MM (15 3/4 INCH). There are no fixed upholstered elements as the cushions can be removed and are therefore easy to clean. The armchair is delivered as one piece.

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