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Care instructions for leathers

For e15 products and accessories in leather whole skin hides are used. Natural markings – such as creases, scratches or minor blemishes – are signs of quality and authenticity, which identify each piece of furniture as unique. e15 uses highest quality leather available for different utilisation purposes.

RANCHERO leather used by e15 is a leather of superior quality. It has been pure aniline dyed without any finish. The Suede leather used by e15 is a high quality cow skin cropped, aniline dyed-through leather which is buffed to a velvety finish.

Aniline dyed leathers are open-pored thus very breathable and sympathetic to the skin. The development of a patina is, depending on the use, unavoidable. Aniline dyed leather should only be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Despite the use of special cleaning products, in some cases stains are not removed residue-free. Direct sun light should be avoided with aniline dyed leathers. Vegetable-tanned leather, for example used with the seating furniture of the Ferdinand Kramer® collection (THEBAN, KARNAK, ASWAN), colours with the influence of UV radiation and darkens.

The SELECT leather used by e15 is a high quality skin hide. It is pigmented, slightly coloured and embossed. This leather is less sensitive for stains than aniline dyed leather yet soft to the touch. For cleaning a mild soap sud and a soft cloth can be used.