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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
4100 MM (161 3/8 INCH)920 MM (36 1/4 INCH)750 MM (29 1/2 INCH)


Each piece of the E15 SELECTED collection is branded with an exclusive metal plaque featuring product details and the individual serial number.

Every table is unique and can also be requested in alternative versions.

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Trunk II

Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2017

Crafted from an individually chosen, single European walnut trunk, the 4100 MM (161 3/8 INCH) long TRUNK II table highlights the fusion of architecture and craftsmanship. Floating atop a sculptural solid brass base, the 50 MM (2 INCH) thick table top is made from four connecting offset planks which reveal the brushed natural edges of the tree trunk. Spanning various widths, measuring 1100 MM (43 1/4 INCH) at its widest, TRUNK II is an inherently unique piece seating 10-12 people comfortably.