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Care instructions for waxed surfaces

The beauty of our high quality furniture can be maintained with the right use and care. Please make sure to always use the e15 care products in strict accordance with the e15 care instructions. Otherwise, the surface of your e15 product might incur damages. For any questions, please contact e15.

Information on solid wood

Solid wood is a natural product, it varies in colour and grain, depending on the location of the original tree. Depending on humidity and temperature measurements of the used wood might slightly adapt as it expands and contracts against its grain. The selection of the timber and construction of e15 furniture takes these facts into account. For this reason, e15 integrates a structural gap in a few models, which allows for expansion or contraction of the solid wood, if the temperature of humidity changes. The optimum room humidity should range between 45 and 65%. For some tables a slight variation in height might occur between the legs and the table top due to seasonal humidity changes. The width of the gap around the legs might vary as well. Please also note that solid wood may be subject to colour change under the influence of some types of artificial light or UV rays such as sunlight. Generally, lighter wood tends to become darker with age whereas darker wood fades. This is a natural process and not a defect of the material.

Important note

To ensure long-lasting maintenance of your waxed or white pigmented waxed solid wood furniture, please take note of the following. Waxed and white pigmented waxed surfaces are relatively sensitive towards external influences. Within the first 14 days after delivery, you should only clean the furniture with a dry cloth and avoid standing moisture. Please always avoid high temperatures, e.g. cookware, cigarette ash and candle wax, and keep sharp items away from the surface. Items with a rubber or latex bottom side should not be placed on the furniture surface. These may contain substances that leave stains after a while. Never use strong, alkaline or solvent-based cleaning products as these damage or destroy the waxed surface.

Everyday care and cleaning

With proper care, the quality and beauty of the furniture can easily be maintained. The patina, that develops over time, will add to the natural beauty of the material. Severe dirt and fluids should be removed immediately. We recommend the use of a dry cotton cloth. If necessary, a slightly damp cloth without any cleaning product can also be used. Please do not use microfibre cloths as they may damage the surface. How often proper maintenance is required, depends on the use and wear of the product.

Care instructions

Note regarding white pigmented waxed surfaces: Please be extremely careful when treating the surface. The refresher does not contain any pigments. The white pigmentation must therefore not be removed as it can not be partially replaced. Please test the procedure in an invisible place and adjust the pressure so that the pigmentation is not removed.

Severe or not water-soluble stains can be cleaned using the refresher which also maintains the surfaces. Make sure that the wood is completely dry and use the enclosed sponge to carefully scrub the entire surface. Make sure to always work in the direction of the wood’s grain. Shake the refresher bottle well before opening. Apply the refresher onto the rough side of the sponge and rub it onto the surface in the same direction. Remove excess of the refresher after 15 minutes of dwell time using a cotton cloth. Once the refresher has hardened, it enhances the durability of the surface with a protective film. This protective film has a limited resilience after two hours and is completely set after eight hours. During the drying time the surface should only be cleaned with a dry cloth and not be covered (e.g. with a table cloth).

Due to the risk of spontaneous combustion, make sure to dry the cloth soaked with refresher for several days spread out in a well aired room or store it in a plastic container filled with water. Cloths with hardened residuals can be disposed with the household waste.

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