LengthWidth / DepthHeight
3000 MM (118 1/8 INCH)2000 MM (78 3/4 INCH)10 MM (0 3/8 INCH)

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Alter Ego

Design: Carsten Fock, 2013

ALTER EGO displays a motive by the German artist Carsten Fock. The 2000 x 3000 MM carpet from pure wool is hand-knotted in 100 knots quality in Nepal. Based on a pen on paper drawing from the series "deutschlanddeutschland", e15 collaborates with the artist to produce original artworks ultimately intended as carpets in a nod to historic tapestries. Available in a limited edition of seven pieces, numbered and signed by the artist, ALTER EGO displays the double silhouette of a head, above it, written the word "Kitsch". The typography evokes gothic associations, with the emphasised letter "t" reminiscent of a cross and of romantic image contents of the 19th century. Characteristic for Carsten Fock’s art are the expressively crossed-out elements that hide the subjacent, resulting in questions, yet simultaneously determine the composition of the picture.