LengthWidth / DepthHeight
3000 MM (118 1/8 INCH)2000 MM (78 3/4 INCH)10 MM (0 3/8 INCH)

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Design: Carsten Fock, 2013

REVOLTE is an artwork from the series "deutschlanddeutschland" by the German artist Carsten Fock. e15 collaborates with Carsten Fock to produce his original artwork ultimately intended as a series of carpets in a nod to historic tapestries. The high quality carpet is made of pure wool in Nepal with 100 knot quality. REVOLTE is made in the measurement of 2000 x 3000 MM and is available in a limited edition of seven pieces, numbered and signed by the artist. The only dimly visible figure with speech bubble is superposed by copy in the typical Fockian handwriting. However, neither the copy above the figure nor in the speech bubble is legible; it simply served the artist as the architecture of his drawing. In the foreground are wildly crossing lines. The figurative drawing – as often in Fock’s work – takes a less significant role.