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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
525 MM (20 5/8 INCH)565 MM (22 1/4 INCH)780 MM (30 3/4 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Seat and backrest from molded oak veneered plywood, lacquered (wood grain visible)
  • Seat can be upholstered
  • Non stackable
  • Delivered as one piece

Available with upholstered seat or custom colours for minimum orders of 12 pieces.

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  • This - 001_TA14_ANTON_CH05_THIS_AC19_SALINA.jpg
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  • This - 010_DC01_FAYLAND_oak_white_pigmented_CH05_THIS_detail.jpg
  • This - 011_TA21_PLATZ_CH05_THIS_AC07_CUT.jpg
  • This - 012_TA21_PLATZ_CH05_THIS_AC07_CUT_AC09_TURN.jpg
  • This - 013_TA23_KAZIMIR_travertine_CH05_THIS_detail_1.jpg
  • This - 014_TA24_ASHIDA_CH05_THIS_AC19_SALINA.jpg
  • This - 016_CH05_THIS_TRAFFIC.jpg
  • This - 017_CH05_THIS_WHITE_TRAFFIC.jpg
  • This - CH05_THIS_OAK_TRAFFIC.jpg


Design: Stefan Diez, 2013

The deceptively simple side chair THIS illustrates e15's key philosophy in exposing and featuring elements essential to the construction of a product. Named after the famous card trick THIS THAT OTHER, the seating series is made of robust and versatile molded oak-veneered plywood. Rounded shapes give way to modern spirit and rational details in distinct quality.

THIS is also offered with an optional upholstered seat or custom colours for minimum orders of 12 pieces.

The chair THIS is in the oak veneer, clear lacquered version also available at the e15 online shop.

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