LengthWidth / DepthHeight
135 MM (5 3/8 INCH)135 MM (5 3/8 INCH)135 MM (5 3/8 INCH)

Monster Dice

Design: Geoff McFetridge, 2007

Monster Dice combines e15’s typical European oak heartwood with the artwork by Geoff McFetridge using laser etching. McFetridge’s drawing is an extract from the story of a boy who draws monsters that come to life and begin to draw themselves, created by the artist and his four year old daughter. Each of the six sides link interchangeably with one another, offering a multitude of interpretations of the story. The shape and dimensions of Monster Dice come from the solid oak heartwood legs of the famous e15 stool – BACKENZAHN™. This re-use demonstrates the understanding and dealing with the irretrievable problem of production waste disposal of a precious material like wood, a theme very close to McFetridge’s own thinking. The manufacturing process preserves the distinctiveness of the wood with its individual grain, knotholes and cracks.

The Monster Dice was released in a limited edition of 200 pieces and is sold out.