Technical Drawings


  • Thickness of table top measures 30 MM (1 1/8 INCH)
  • Marble top equipped with a matt oiled finish, which is protective, yet requires maintenance
  • Base is fitted with felt ring to avoid scratching of the floor
  • Delivered as two pieces
  • Due to different heights the side tables can be placed with an overlap

More images of Enoki

  • Enoki - 0016_SF05_BESS_EC02_BESSY_CT09_ENOKI_new.jpg
  • Enoki - 001_SF03_SHIRAZ_CU06_NIMA_CT09_ENOKI_CP03_KAVIR_WM03_Wire_Management_detail_RGB.jpg
  • Enoki - 002_SF03_SHIRAZ_CU06_NIMA_CT09_ENOKI_CP03_KAVIR_WM03_Wire_Management_RGB.jpg
  • Enoki - 003_RH01_STUTTGART_RH02_ZET_CT09_ENOKI_02.jpg
  • Enoki - 004_CT09_ENOKI_group_3.jpg
  • Enoki - 005_CT09_ENOKI_GRUPPE.jpg
  • Enoki - 006_SF03_SHIRAZ_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CT09_ENOKI_DC03_LANGLEY_oak_black_stained_AC13_CUADRO_CM04_ITO_CU06_NIMA_schwarz_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Enoki - 007_SF03_SHIRAZ_CT09_ENOKI_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Enoki - 008_CT09_ENOKI_EC01_BYRON.jpg
  • Enoki - 009_CT09_ENOKI_EC03_EUGENE_SF03_SHIRAZ_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Enoki - 010_EC01_Byron_CT09_Enoki_CM05_Habibi_SB04_Fatima_CP03_Kavir.jpg
  • Enoki - 011_EC03_EUGENE_CT09_ENOKI.jpg
  • Enoki - 012_EC03_EUGENE_CT09_ENOKI_LT06_PALO.jpg
  • Enoki - CH05_THISI_CT09_ENOKI_Bistro.jpg
  • Enoki - CH09_ENOKI_Bistro_CH05_THIS.jpg
  • Enoki - SF06_KERMAN_EC09_ENOKI_Lounge_ST04_BACKENZAHN_selected.jpg
  • Enoki - SF06_KERMAN_ZanzibarCaramel_EC01_BYRON_Walnut_BrasiliaMulti_CT09_ENOKI_NeroMarquina_Jetblack_BiancoCarrara_signalwhite.jpg
  • Enoki - SF06_KERMAN_ZanzibarCaramel_VidarBlack_DivinaUtramarine_EC01_BYRON_Walnut_BrasiliaMulti_CT09_ENOKI_NeroMarquina_Jetblack.jpg


Side table
Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2011

With the smart and playful side tables ENOKI, e15 introduces marble for the collection, applying it to novel form. Cleverly toying with material, colour and dimensions, the versatile side tables are presented in combinations of rich marble and solid wood and coloured steel. ENOKI is available in three different diameters and heights with a 30 MM (1 1/8 INCH) thick marble top, which are combined with harmonising or contrasting coloured steel bases in subtle or unusual combinations. In addition to other interesting combinations, pure shades of signal white and jet black for the entire table are also offered. The marble is equipped with a matt oiled finish, which is protective, yet requires maintenance. The side tables have adjustable feet and are delivered in two pieces.

Custom colours for the base are also possible with a surcharge.