Technical Drawings


  • Thickness of steel table top measure 15 mm (5/8 INCH)
  • Delivered as two pieces
  • Due to different heights the side tables can be placed with an overlap

More images of Enoki Metall

  • Enoki Metall - SF03_SHIRAZ_ByramEspressp_CT09_ENOKI_yellow_zinc.jpg
  • Enoki Metall - SF06_KERMAN_CT09_ENOKI_CP03_KAVIR_300dpi.jpg
  • Enoki Metall - SF06_KERMAN_CT09_ENOKI_CP03_KAVIR_close_300dpi.jpg

Enoki Metall

Side table
Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2011

With the side tables ENOKI, e15 presents smart and playful objects, applying material and shape to novel form. Cleverly toying with material, colour and dimensions, the versatile ENOKI tables are presented in combinations of rich marble or solid wood with coloured steel.

The iconic side table ENOKI by Philipp Mainzer is introduced in all metal, highlighting its essential and minimal form. Made of steel, the table illustrates a pure sculptural quality and serves in divers settings.