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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
550 MM (21 5/8 INCH)550 MM (21 5/8 INCH)400 MM (15 3/4 INCH)

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  • Calvert Chess - FK04_CALVERT_CHESS_oak_SF06_KERMAN_ES05_THAT_CP04_IZA_CU06_NIMA_AC13_CUADRO.jpg

Calvert Chess

Coffee table
Design: Ferdinand Kramer, 1951

CALVERT is from a series of coffee tables, designed by German functionalist architect Ferdinand Kramer during his time in America. Part of his successful „Knock-Down“ furniture series, it consists of a table top and two crossing invertible sheets serving as a base for the table. Celebrating 120 years Ferdinand Kramer®, CALVERT CHESS is based on a cardboard picnic version Kramer originally proposed for Coca-Cola in 1951. The special edition features a silkscreen black chessboard printed on natural oak lacquered.

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