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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
570 MM (22 1/2 INCH)530 MM (20 7/8 INCH)780 MM (30 3/4 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Fix upholstery of seat, back and armrests possible
  • Not stackable
  • Delivered as one piece

Available in walnut veneer, clear lacquered, for minimum orders of 24 pieces.


Surcharge USA and UK due to special fire-resistant upholstery, foams and fillings (with upholstered seat only).

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  • Houdini - with armrest - 001_CH04_HOUDINI_with_armrest_Zanzibar.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - 002_CH04_HOUDINI_with_armrest_Zanzibar_detail.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - CH04_HOUDINI_armrest_oak_group.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - CH04_HOUDINI_group_black_white__grey_neon_red.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - CH04_HOUDINI_group_black_white_oak.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - CH04_Houdini_Armrest_oak.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - DC01_FAYLAND_oak_white_pigmented_CM04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - DC01_FAYLAND_oak_white_pigmented_CM04_HOUDINI_detail.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - DC01_FAYLAND_walnut_CH04_HOUDINI_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - SCHIRN_2010_CH04_HOUDINI_armrest_06.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - TA04_BIGFOOT_CH04_HOUDINI_black_armrest.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - TA17London_CH04Houdini.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - TA19_SLOANE_CH04_HOUDINI_armrest_hoch.jpg
  • Houdini - with armrest - TA20_HIROKI_CH04_HOUDINI_white_SB04_FATIMA.jpg

Houdini - with armrest

Design: Stefan Diez, 2009

The visually and physically light chair HOUDINI with armrest is made from oak- or walnut-veneered lacquered plywood. With its wide, comfortable seat shell it perfectly complements all e15 tables. HOUDINI with armrest is also available as part or fully upholstered versions, with the upholstery of the seat and inside back only as well as the special armrest upholstery offering ample comfort and padding. The upholstery is not removable. e15 offers its HOUDINI in upholstery combinations of wool and cotton in addition to rich leather. As such, HOUDINI is ideally suited for private and public interiors. The 570 MM (22 1/2 INCH) wide by 400 MM (15 3/4 INCH) deep seat ensures comfortable sitting. The seat height is 460 MM (18 1/8 INCH). HOUDINI is not stackable and is delivered as one piece.

The HOUDINI is available in oak-veneered plywood in clear, jet black, signal white and traffic grey and umbra grey lacquered finishes as well as custom colours. Partial upholstered options are also available. For a minimum order of 24 pieces, HOUDINI is also available in walnut veneer, clear lacquered.

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