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More versatile and more elegant, the new e15 cable management offers a streamlined aesthetic with unique materials and surface finishes. To reduce the number of materials needed and be more flexible, e15 addresses different table constructions with refined solutions.

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With the evolved cable management, it is possible to run cables through the leg of every type of e15 table. Black leather cable ties cleverly help to organise cables underneath tabletops. In modern and elegant appearance, attachable cable-boxes are offered in mirror finished steel, which reflects the surrounding and appears less visible.

Matching with the cable box finish, cables also can run through a mirror finished steel pipe, as an alternative to the classic conduit, if the position of the floor outlet requires a more central position to lead the cable to the tabletop.

On the tabletop, e15 offers a new and refined outlet for cable management. The cover of the outlet is available in different finishes and is installed flush with the table surface. Available finishes are brushed or polished steel, brass, and black steel. With the outlet cover only being 25mm wide, it is an elegant alternative to standard products in the market. The system can be fitted with USB-A, USB-C, HDMI and RJ45 outlets. The USB-C is available with different wattage to also allow charging of a laptop.