This product is available in the following plywood variants and colours:

Oak veneer, clear lacquered


LengthWidth / DepthHeight
470 MM (18 1/2 INCH)460 MM (18 1/8 INCH)660 MM (26 INCH)
470 MM (18 1/2 INCH)460 MM (18 1/8 INCH)790 MM (31 1/8 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Seat can be upholstered
  • Between the front two legs runs a cross beam with an embedded metal profile, which acts as foot rest and gives the stool stability
  • Delivered as one piece
  • Not stackable

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  • Jean - 002_DC08_BASIS_high_ST10_JEAN_AC19_SALINA_CH04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Jean - 003_DC08_BASIS_high_ST10_JEAN_AC19_SALINA_CM05_HABIBI_CH04_HOUDINI_-_Kopie.jpg
  • Jean - 004_TA01_PONTE_high_WM03_Wire_Management_ST10_JEAN_02.jpg
  • Jean - 005_TA01_PONTE_high_WM03_Wire_Management_ST10_JEAN_03.jpg
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  • Jean - 007_foto-thomas-de-bruyne-g4-agency-ptt-oostende-5.jpg
  • Jean - 008_ST10_JEAN_Seidengrau_Eicheklar.jpg
  • Jean - 009_ST10_JEAN_Seidengrau_Tiefschwarz.jpg
  • Jean - 010_ST10_JEAN_oak_clear_H660.jpg
  • Jean - 1404-InSitu-0276-Credit_Matthew_Millmann.jpg
  • Jean - 1404-InSitu-1633-Credit_Matthew_Millmann.jpg
  • Jean - 1404-InSitu-Credit_Alanna_Hale.jpg


Design: Stefan Diez, 2010

The bar stool JEAN is a natural development of the dynamic chair family HOUDINI. JEAN consists of a seat with circumferential brim, which provides comfort and hold when seated. Between the front two legs runs a cross beam with an embedded metal profile, which acts as a foot rest and gives the stool stability. The bar stool JEAN, made from lacquered oak veneered plywood, is available in two heights which makes it suitable for contract as well as private use, for example at a kitchen counter. Upholstery of the seat is possible.

For a minimum order of 24 pieces, JEAN is also available in walnut veneer, clear lacquered.

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