This product is available in the following colour combination:


Width / DepthHeight
750 MM (29 1/2 INCH)1050 MM (41 3/8 INCH)

Technical Drawings

Lighting Information

Installation site Interior
Installation type Plug
Enclosure material Steel, powder-coated; glass
In accordance with DIN 40050 IP30
Appliance class 2
Diffusor Yes
Light distribution Indirect, diffused
Cable PVC, length 3000mm, switch 1000/2000mm
Cable colour White
Colour rendering index CRI 90 Ra
Colour temperature 4000 K
Colour temperature name Neutral white
Life span 60000 hours
Light source LED permanently fitted
Power 17.3 W
Socket No socket
Switch, dimmer Foot switch, no dimmer
Voltage supply EU/UK 30V/50Hz


  • Available in the fast track programme
  • Flexible, individual arrangement
  • Individual components loosely lean against the wall, therefore extremely sensitive
  • Glass with bevelled edges, no edge protection
  • Pre-fitted light source
  • Delivered as set in three pieces
  • The light source contained in this lamp may only be used by the manufacturer, its customer service or a similary qualified person

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Floor light
Design: Daniel Rybakken + Andreas Engesvik, 2010

Minimalism, theatricality and architecture illustrate the essence of COLOUR. In its refined simplicity, free of conventional aesthetics, the light COLOUR expands the field of sculpture and light. Inspired by changing and natural light sceneries, COLOUR emits beautiful atmospheric light.