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LengthWidth / DepthHeight
270 MM (10 5/8 INCH)270 MM (10 5/8 INCH)470 MM (18 1/2 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Coloring by tannic acid reaction (tannin-black)
  • Waxed surface
  • Flat surface is suitable as a tray or even a seat
  • Supplied in one piece

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Backenzahn Black Oak

Side table
Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2021

e15 celebrates 25 years of BACKENZAHN™ with a new edition of the iconic side table designed by founder Philipp Mainzer. Introduced as part of the e15 SELECTED collection, a matte-black finish highlights the alchemic process that produces a natural tanic acid reaction in the oak wood, when triggered with a special mixture of natural ingridients. Due to the structural properties of oak wood and its individual degree of inherent acid, the colouring of each BACKENZAHN™ is unique and can vary.