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e15 launches online shop

The e15 online shop at www.e15.shop offers end customers now the chance to purchase selected accessories and small pieces of furniture directly from the manufacturer. This is a new entry into the e15 brand cosmos and to further enhance the shopping experience, the online shop will also offer high quality products from other manufacturers which reflect the brand philosophy of e15.

With premium materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods in mind, e15 stands for consistent and progressive products. What is more, the collection of furniture, lighting and accessories offers refined and original gifts for the season and beyond. Initially, the e15 online shop is only available in German, but an English version will follow shortly.

Information about the entire e15 collection can still be obtained from our local retail partners. Over 500 retailers worldwide are offering personal sales advice.

Follow this link to visit our online shop: www.e15.shop.