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e15 at Stylepark Featured Editions 2016

2016 marks the twentieth year of stool BACKENZAHN™, a modern design classic and identifiable icon for e15 designed by e15 co-founder and architect Philipp Mainzer. The brand will celebrate two decades of its iconic stool with a series of presentations throughout the year.

For the Stylepark Featured Editions at imm cologne, e15 showcases BACKENZAHN™ in a humorous and poignant installation exploring the topics intellectual property and copyright infringement. The exhibition features a continuous white wall serving as the backdrop to a setting inspired by an identity parade: copies are lined up alongside an original BACKENZAHN™ stool while industrial lights and wall graphics achieve the sobering atmosphere of a police station. The exhibition text and poster challenge visitors to recognise the issue, reminding them of the importance to support original products and ideas.

A book titled “copy, right?” by Trademark Publishing featuring stool BACKENZAHN™ accompanies the exhibition and focuses on an artistic interpretation of the subject. With a foreword by design critic Markus Frenzl, photography by Ingmar Kurth and art direction by Antonia Henschel, the book addresses the issue of copyright infringement by presenting a variety of copies of the iconic stool. “copy, right?” is available via Amazon and every bookshop.


Globalisation and the growing role of the Internet have given rise to a new wave of plagiarism. Today, it is easier to steal ideas but it is also easier to get caught. In the last few years, the legal situation in many countries has been gradually adapted to strengthen the position of the creative, supporting original products. Copyright aims to balance the interests of the originator, manufacturer and seller while protecting end consumers from fraud.

The international market for copied products is estimated to total around USD 250 Billion annually. It is essential to guard the innovative drive of creative companies and individuals committed to the development of original ideas as they are vital in shaping the evolution of good design. Copies do not only infringe the law, they also contradict the principles of good design which are focused around innovation, longevity, sustainability and culture.

Support good design, always buy the original.


e15 presentation
Hall 3.2, booth F32

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