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Mark Holmes

British born Mark Holmes is a founder and creative director of luxury personal and home accessories brand, Minimalux. Trained initially as an artist, Mark’s education at the famous Slade School in London allowed him to freely develop his creative output into a distinct, minimalistic approach and to apply it in the design of both formal and functional objects.

This then led him to co-found the influential, trail-blazing furniture company Established & Sons. Here he put together collections for their first 3 formative years in his role as Design Director, commissioning projects by both unknown and internationally renowned designers and architects.

For e15, Mark Holmes developed SEAM, a series of aluminium lights, with designs, materials and workmanship that reflect e15’s brand ethos of high grade materials paired with extraordinary craftsmanship. His aim was to produce a simple, modern interpretation of the classic desk light while keeping the number of components to a minimum and the construction simple. The proportions of his designs are as balanced as possible to provide the single possible focus on the element of the light itself.