e15 at Andreas Murkudis: Das Haus

On the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin, e15 celebrates the 20th anniversary of ANDREAS MURKUDIS with an exhibition of limited pieces. For the third installation of DAS HAUS e15 focuses on the subtleties of nature’s hues and the degrees of…


e15 celebrates 25 years of BACKENZAHN with a new edition of the iconic side table designed by founder Philipp Mainzer. The BACKENZAHN BLACK OAK underlines e15’s fascination with traditional craftsmanship and special manufacturing methods.

e15 at Andreas Murkudis: DAS HAUS

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of ANDREAS MURKUDIS and e15’s longstanding partnership, the Berlin conept store will showcase a special exhibition created jointly by Philipp Mainzer, Farah Ebrahimi and Andreas Murkudis. HIROKI METAL Table DESIGN: Philipp Mainzer Steel, powder-coated, pure orange…

David Thulstrup for e15

David Thulstrup is a Danish architect and designer. He creates simple, well-crafted pieces that are distinctive in their form but work harmoniously in the overall space. The focus on the honest use of materials and clarity of purpose is paramount….