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The Imaginary Collection


Curated by Diandra Donecker and Andreas Murkudis
Presented in collaboration with e15 and von Bartha at ANDREAS MURKUDIS

e15 is pleased to announce The Imaginary Collection, an exhibition curated by Diandra Donecker and Andreas Murkudis and presented in collaboration with von Bartha. Selected artworks from von Bartha’s program, including Etienne Béothy, Camille Graeser, Terry Haggerty, Lajos Kassák, Imi Knoebel and Claudia Wieser are presented in dialogue with iconic design pieces by David Chipperfield, Richard Herre, Stefan Diez, Farah Ebrahimi, Philipp Mainzer and Annabelle Klute by e15.

The Imaginary Collection

Public Opening:
Wednesday, 26 April
18.00 – 21.00 h
Potsdamer Str. 98
10785 Berlin

Since its foundation in 1995, art has informed the work of e15 through collaborations with artists, museums, and joint presentations. The installation gives the opportunity for unexpected curatorial decisions and leads to juxtapositions and combinations that reveal little stories when, for instance, a work by Lajos Kassák returns to Potsdamer Strasse, where he held important shows at the gallery “Der Sturm‘‘ in the early 20th century. In the exhibition, a few German artists of different generations will be presented in dialogues, such as Claudia Wieser, Imi Knoebel, and Gerhard von Graevenitz – all tracing and exploring geometric seriality and abstraction, allowing viewers to make connections and speculate on their inspiration or mutual influence.Building on that are combinations of legendary Swiss Concrete artist Camille Graeser with the contemporary, Zurich-based Athene Galiciadis, or Anna Dickinson’s satellite-like sculptures with that of the sculptor and architect Etienne Béothy.

“Camille Graeser’s works are particularly captivating to me because they manage to be simple yet complex at the same time. I have often dabbled with the idea of buying a Graeser for my own home, so I think it’s very fitting that his works are a part of this exhibition that is meant to reflect our personal tastes in art in conjunction with interior design,” Andreas Murkudis pointedly summarizes.

The curated presentation of art and furniture illustrates an inspiring dialogue between cultures, forms, and disciplines. Expressive compositions allow for individual interpretation and use for everyday life. Part of the furniture presentation are new releases by e15, including GALERIE, a table by David Chipperfield, which was originally designed for the café of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Evolving with the study of forms and materials, e15 also showcases a distinct group of side tables – KAISA in glass by Annabelle Klute and HEIJI in lacquered plywood by Philipp Mainzer. In addition to design classics such as the chair STUTTGART by Richard Herre and HOUDINI by Stephan Diez, the modular sofa KERMAN by Farah Ebrahimi and Philipp Mainzer offer an intriguing base for living with exceptional art.