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  • special wood selection


LengthWidth / DepthHeight
1200 MM (47 1/4 INCH)350 MM (13 3/4 INCH)1920 MM (75 5/8 INCH)
1200 MM (47 1/4 INCH)350 MM (13 3/4 INCH)795 MM (31 1/4 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Also applicable as room divider
  • Thickness of material 25 MM (1 INCH)
  • Delivered as one piece, optionally, high version can also be delivered as two pieces (invisible connectors)


For assembling the dismountable ARIE, you require the reusable magnet attachment Minimag.

More images of Arie

  • Arie - 001_SH05_ARIE_oak_CM05_HABIBI_CP03_KAVIR_new.jpg
  • Arie - SH05_ARIE_EC01_BYRON_PA03_ALEX.jpg
  • Arie - SH05_ARIE_corner_CP03_KAVIR_02.jpg
  • Arie - SH05_ARIE_sideboard_LT02_SEAMTWO_ST04_BACKENZAHN_CP03_KAVIR.jpg
  • Arie - SH05_ARIE_white3.jpg


Design: Arik Levy, 2008

With its striking concept, shelf ARIE is an ideal storage solution. A multitude of seamless combinations are possible without apparent visual repetitions. In- and outside corners can be solved elegantly with the shelf ARIE with no connections and seamless docking points. Shelf ARIE is suitable for private as well as public interiors and is also applicable as room divider.

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