This product is available with the following glass types:


Top and bottom from solid wood:


  • Supplied in three pieces
  • Suitable for private or interiors

More images of Scaena

  • Scaena - DT02_TORE_SF06_KERMAN_5zu7.jpg
  • Scaena - PV01_SCAENA_SF06_KERMAN_DT02_TORE_CP03_KAVIR_lighterVersion_5zu7.jpg


Design: Philipp Mainzer + Farah Ebrahimi, 2023

Paravent SCAENA elegantly highlights diverse settings, whilst providing architectural context and a measure of privacy to spaces. A simple and striking choice of black or mirrored glass panels are secured between dark stained oak rails, which are connected with discreet hinges, allowing the glass panels to visually float in between the structure and yet allow for folding and protection of the panels. SCAENA can be arranged into expressive architectural landscapes in the spirit of Art deco.