1350 MM (53 1/8 INCH)1350 MM (53 1/8 INCH)750 MM (29 1/2 INCH)
1600 MM (63 INCH)1600 MM (63 INCH)750 MM (29 1/2 INCH)

Technical Drawings


  • Thickness of marble top measures 30 MM (1 1/8 INCH)
  • Marble top equipped with a matt oiled finish, which is protective yet requires maintenance
  • The table with round top has a total weight of approx. 185 kg, with oval table top approx. 500 kg
  • Load-bearing capacity of the floor has to be ensured
  • Felt ring fitted to avoid scratching of floor


To maintain oiled marble surfaces, suitable care products are included in the delivery. Travertine is available with a filled surface upon request.

More images of Hiroki

  • Hiroki - 02_TA20_HIROKI_CH04_HOUDINI_CM04_ITO.jpg
  • Hiroki - 03_TA20_HIROKI_CH04_HOUDINI_white_SB04_FATIMA.jpg
  • Hiroki - 04_TA20_HIROKI_CH04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Hiroki - 05_TA20_HIROKI_RH01_STUTTGART_ST04_BACKENZAHN_stool_300dpi.jpg
  • Hiroki - 06_TA20_HIROKI_pureorange_CH04_HOUDINI_oak_silkgrey_300dpi.jpg
  • Hiroki - TA20_HIROKI_SX01_GAMAR.jpg
  • Hiroki - TA20_HIROKI_SX01_GAMAR_3.jpg
  • Hiroki - TA20_HIROKI_SX01_GAMAR_close.jpg
  • Hiroki - TA20_HIROKI_SX01_GAMAR_curtain.jpg
  • Hiroki - TA20_HIROKI_CH05_THIS_portrait.jpg


Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2012

HIROKI is a sculptural dining table made of rich marble in combination with a harmonising or contrasting coloured steel base. In its initial design based on the side table ENOKI, the versatile HIROKI extends the family of tables with an elegant and distinctive character in classic and inventive colour combinations. The table HIROKI entertains as a functional and playful piece. With its well-balanced proportions and 30 MM (1 1/8 INCH) thick marble top, the round HIROKI offers un-restrictive seating for up to six people. The projection of the table top measures 450 MM (17 3/4 INCH), thus offering ample legroom. The marble top is equipped with a matt oiled finish, which is protective, yet requires maintenance. To avoid scratching of the floor, the table is fitted with a felt ring and delivered in two pieces.

Custom colours for the base are available with a surcharge.

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