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The table tops are available in the following variants*

* Solid coloured glass table top is not available for the table system consisting of basic, middle and end module.

The pair of trestles / substructures are available in the following variants:


LengthWidth / Depth
1100 MM (43 1/4 INCH)1100 MM (43 1/4 INCH)
1350 MM (53 1/8 INCH)1350 MM (53 1/8 INCH)
1600 MM (63 INCH)900 MM (35 3/8 INCH)
2000 MM (78 3/4 INCH)900 MM (35 3/8 INCH)
2400 MM (94 1/2 INCH)900 MM (35 3/8 INCH)

Technical Drawings


Configurations for single table with frame


Examples for connected tables with frame


  • Thickness of table top from solid wood measures 30 MM (1 1/8 INCH), from solid core HPL 12 MM (1/2 INCH) and from glass 10 MM (3/8 INCH)
  • Suitable for private and contract situations
  • Table top is resting loosely and can be mounted with the provided mounting kit
  • Soft touch surface for HPL available on request
  • Also available with a wire management solution
  • Trestles for rectangular tops are delivered as pairs
  • The table can be xtended as required using the basic, middle and end module. These modules are not available with table top in glass.


To maintain oiled or waxed wood surfaces, suitable care products are included in the delivery.

More images of Basis

  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH03_HOUDINI_CM05_HABIBI.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH04_HOUDINI_AC19_SALINA.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH04_HOUDINI_detail.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH04_HOUDINI_green_AC19_SALINA.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH04_HOUDINI_silk_grey_AC19_SALINA_AC12_PEN.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_CH04_HOUDINI_silk_grey_brown_AC19_SALINA.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_FK02_KARNAK.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_FK03_ASWAN.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_Trestle.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_detail.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_double_CH04_HOUDINI.jpg
  • Basis - DC08_BASIS_oak_CH04_HOUDINI_silk_grey_AC19_SALINA.jpg


Design: David Chipperfield, 2017

e15 continues its collaboration with David Chipperfield with trestle table BASIS; an adaptable system of solid wood trestles and beams constructed with traditional joinery techniques. The simple and qualitative design showcases a broad range of materials and flexible solutions for living and working. BASIS table tops are available separately in solid wood, glass and solid core HPL.

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