LengthWidth / DepthHeight
2500 MM (98 3/8 INCH)2000 MM (78 3/4 INCH)5 MM (0 1/4 INCH)


  • Made of pure, hand-spun lamb's wool
  • Produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner by family-owned business

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  • Zet - 008_SF06_KERMAN_sofa_Kvadrat_RafSimons_Sunniva_pouf__CU06_NIMA_CT09_ENOKI_RH02_ZET_300dpi.jpg


Design: Richard Herre, 1926

Kilim ZET is a graphically poignant and chromatically striking design that captures the spirit of 1920s New Objectivity. Richard Herre is considered one of the initiators of the Stuttgart Weissenhof Estate, where he was responsible for the interior architecture of the house designed by Max Taut. Designed in 1926 and specified for the Max Taut Weissenhof house, ZET represents Richard Herre’s exceptional use of colour whilst signifying the imaginative spatial reference of his work. In close collaboration with the Herre family and the archives, e15 re-issues kilim ZET. Available in various colour compositions ZET is made of pure, hand-spun sheep wool ombining traditional weaving methods with historic design.

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