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Wire Management

e15 tables as well as other furniture such as storage units or sofas can be customised with an integrated wire management. With flexibility in mind, the construction of the furniture can be revised to make a broad range of solutions available for individual requirements in private or public applications. Based on individual specifications of wire input, type and location of wire outlet, and required plugs, e15 will make suitable suggestions. Material, finish and dimensions can be chosen individually. The components of wire management are certified for almost all regions worldwide.

Free standing wire management

Freestanding wire manager BUSY provides a smart solution with its clear functionality. Made of powdercoated folded sheet aluminium, BUSY stores multiple plugs, extensions and excess wires. Positioned next to any e15 table, without the need for adjustment of the table, it proves to be a flexible long-term solution. A simple removable aluminium lid provides cover and dust protection. The opening along the bottom side allows for the connection to the floor outlet.

e15 x Siedle

In collaboration with Siedle, Germany’s leading manufacturer of building communication technology, e15 developed a custom solution allowing a seamless product integration of their building communication centre Siedle Axiom into e15 tables and other furniture. The control device combines door communication, telephone and home automation.

Mounted on a 180° rotatable docking station executed the respective finish of the furniture, a magnetic adapter allows for accurate positioning of the product.

Due to a flexible wire management within the substructure of the table, the adapter can be located in different locations of the tabletop.

Wire Management for Soft Seating

Modular sofas SHIRAZ and KERMAN can be equipped with various wire management possibilities.

Reference Project: Cathay Pacific Lounges

In collaboration with Ilse Crawford from Studioilse and Viaduct, e15 developed the new signature seating for Cathay Pacific’s international passenger lounges. Combining comfort and function, the armchair is based on e15’s modular sofa SHIRAZ. Each custom-made unit features privacy partitions on either side and is equipped with a USB-plug as well as country-specific outlet, reading lamp and coat hook. Following the interior design concept focused on understated luxury, details in polished brass create an elegant contrast with the upholstered chair.