e15 e15 Design und Distributions GmbH

New Releases January 2019

At imm cologne 2019, e15 debuts a fresh view to modern needs of living and working with its latest collaboration with British architect David Chipperfield, and showcases a refined perspective of the collection with works from Philipp Mainzer, Farah Ebrahimi and Stefan Diez.

e15 continues its collaboration with David Chipperfield and the development of the original trestle table BASIS into a modular workstation. Focusing on the needs of creative and functional work environments, the workstation is a smart and casual desk system stripped back to the essentials whilst featuring the pure use of material and craftsmanship.

Offering a modern view on elegance, e15 showcases its first oval shaped solid wood table ASHIDA. With a streamlined form ASHIDA emphasises e15’s philosophy of refined simplicity and pure use of materials for its tables. Suitable for dining or conference, its balanced proportions highlight the natural beauty and strength of solid wood.

With a fresh view to modern needs of living and working, we illustrate our perspective with a series of material collages for the collection. The familiar Bauhaus palette serves as the starting point and inspiration for a richer, more saturated combination of shades and textures. Mixing light and dark tones inspired by nature such as Lapis blue, Carnelian, Turquoise and Ochre result in refreshing and surprising combinations.